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About The Gas Company

The Gas Company specialises in working with businesses in the UK for their gas and electricity needs. Since 2004 we have worked in the care home market, where we have helped hundreds of care home owners reduce one of their highest operating costs.

Our success in this market has led to The Gas Company providing a wide range of businesses where our dedicated professional team, offering a personal service from our UK based offices can help reduce their energy costs. This includes all types of small, medium and large businesses who are looking to reduce their energy cost and improve their energy efficiency and receive a more personal service than some of the major companies in the market.

The Gas Company works with only the most reputable world leading companies to provide a service which is set out to continually exceed expectations.

We at TGC understand how important our customers are and we treat each and every customer as we would like to be treated ensuring that you’re not just an account number. Our customers have designated account managers, that way they are not speaking to different people every time they call. They deal with the person who knows them and their business needs and requirements.

  • Lower your energy bills.

  • Easy to join or make the switch.
  • Quality customer service.

What Our Clients Say

Due to the excellent management of my account, over the past 4 years I have rarely had to contact them with any queries or questions. However every time I’ve had to contact The Gas Company my account managers have dealt with my every need with the upmost efficiency and professionalism as well as offering a very personable service.
Miss Hughes, Benvarden Retirement Home
“As a residential home owner, I have to manage all areas of my business, which means getting the best possible price and service for our gas and electricity. The Gas Company have provided our energy needs for almost 4 years and have consistently offered very competitive prices, while offering a quick, always available personal service that is refreshing in the industry. Having an assigned account manager that understands how my business runs has allowed me to build an excellent working relationship.”
Mr Chritchlow, Stockport, Cheshire

What I’ve always liked about your service, apart from the very good value, is that it is simple and straightforward. Other companies have such complicated tariffs that busy people like me do not have time to deal with them. What is also great is that you get to speak to a real person and it’s the same person every time. It makes dealing with you very easy. Simple, straightforward, friendly and cheap, you can’t ask for more“.

John Phillips, London
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You can submit your meter read by contacting your dedicated personal account manager on 0845 643 4482 or by gas@thegascompanyuk.co.uk. Please ensure when supplying your meter reading you also provide your account number and business name.

You can find out your current contract prices by contacting your dedicated personal account manager on 0845 643 4482 or by simply emailing gas@thegascompanyuk.co.uk . Please ensure when requesting your current contract prices you also provide your account number and business name.

You can set up your direct debit by contacting your dedicated personal account manager on 0845 643 4482. Please provide your account number and business name. Your direct debit can be agreed and setup over the phone or a direct debit mandate form can be sent via email.

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